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Illinois Police Association LEGISLATION UPDATE...

There are over 50 different types of bills pertaining to law enforcement in one way or another.

Law Enforcement pensions have been targeted in the Illinois General Assembly for the past several years.

HB418: Police Pensions: Passed:
 This bill provides that if a police chief or officer is receiving pension payments and returns to active service with any municipality that has established a downstate pension fund, the officer may continue to receive those pension payments but must not participate in a second pension plan. Instead he or she can participate in a municipality’s defined contribution plan as the bill requires municipalities to establish a defined contribution plan.

HB270: Investigation of Police: Passed:
 This creates the Law Enforcement Sexual Assault Investigation Act that would provide that allegations of sexual assault by a police officer while performing his or her duties shall immediately be reported to the officer’s supervisory or command personnel and an independent law enforcement agency.

SB58: Police Shooting-Drug Test: Passed:
This provides that each law enforcement agency adopt a written policy regarding drug testing following an officers involved shooting sand have the officer submit to an alcohol and drug test.

HB514: Sealing of Records: Passed:
This provides that records of charges that result in an acquittal or dismissal with prejudice, except for minor traffic offenses, may be immediately sealed after the final disposition of the case.

HB375: Mental Health Training: Passed:
This provides that all Probationary Officers and University police officers shall be required to complete Crisis Intervention Team training as part of initial minimum basic training requirements.

HB4454: CD Corr-Aggravating Factor DUI: Passed:
Makes “Wrong Way” driving interstates an aggravating factor in DUIs.

SB2226: E-Epinephrine Liability Police: Passed:
Shields physicians and assistants from liability for prescribing epi-pens to ISP and local governments.

SB2925: Enforcement Training School: Passed:
Provides that the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board shall develop or approve a curriculum for a certified training program for school resource officers which shall consist of least 40 hours of training.

SB2278: Missing Persons-Veterans: Passed
Allows definition of “High Risk” missing person top include veterans in certain cases.

HB4880/SB2317: Prohibit Bump Stocks:
Bans sale or use of Bump Stocks.

SB2441/HB3377: Rear Facing Child Restraints/School Bus Seat Belts:
This would provide that when any persons transporting a child who is under the age of 2 in a motor vehicle of the first division or motor vehicle shall be responsible for property securing the child in a rear facing child restraint system.

HB4405: Drone Use-Large Event:
This would allow the use of drones for law enforcement agency for large group activities.

HB3183: Crim-Law-Police Misconduct: Use of force and Body Cameras:
This would amend when the use of force can be used and declares it to be misconduct if an officer forgets to turn his or her camera on or turns it off at the wrong time. 

For more information on these bills and others go to




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